adacraft is a tool for creating things using block programming. It's a fork of Scratch from MIT.

The idea with adacraft is to explore how we can extend Scratch-like block programming to foster creativity by improving the programming experience and by adding new blocks and features to allow new use cases or improve existing ones, like generative art, network communication (like simple chat), artificial intelligence, multiplayer experiences, etc.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

For more information about privacy and terms of use, go to the following page:



We're looking for people to contribute to the adacraft project.

Inclusiveness is very important to us. You're welcome no matter your skills or knowledge as long as you're kind, courteous, respectful and helpful. We welcome people from any country, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability or economic status, citizenship and any other diverse backgrounds.

There are several ways you can contribute: development, design, examples, tutorials, videos, community management, etc.

To join the project, first get in touch with any of the adacraft contact pointers below or directly by contacting me (Nicolas Decoster, see below).

You can find the source code for the adacraft editor and portal on GitLab.

Contact & Feedback

If you want to get in touch, email to adacraft[at]mailbox.org, send a direct message to @adacraft_org on Twitter, or use the feedback page.

Find us on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.

adacraft is a project created by Nicolas Decoster (@ogadaki on Twitter). Feel free to contact me directly.

adacraft for educators

adacraft has also been integrated into Vittascience, an educational platform for learning coding. This platform provides class management and other features that might interest educators. Vittascience is built with school requirements in mind (especially with very rigorous privacy policy) and integrates with some other school platforms. Vittascience also provides other programming tools (Python, HTML/CSS, other hardware, etc.).

For a use as an educational tool, like in schools, we highly recommend using adacraft from Vittascience platform. Discover it here. Of course, if you prefer, it is also perfectly OK to use it from adacraft.org.